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This site started in the mid-1990s, when the internet was just thinking about becoming mainstream. It was intended to be not only a showcase for the founder's photography, but also a resource to the nature photographer, highlighting various sites across the internet that were helpful and informational to those interested in photography techniques, equipment reviews, the business of nature photography...Anyhing we thought was good stuff for the reading.

Way back in those late 1990s, WildThingsPhoto.com was listed in Popular Photography as one of three excellent resources for photographers, available online at that time.

Over the years, the founder got more involved in writing and web design and this site was neglected.

Skip forward to late 2010 and the founder is interested in revamping the site and getting it back to it's former glory - as an excellent online resource for nature and outdoor photographers.

Please bear with us as we work on the links section and get the best photography information to you.

All photographs contained herein are copyrighted © Theresa A. Husarik, all rights reserved and can not be used in any way without prior permission from the photographer.
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