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Theresa Husarik, a wildlife and nature photographer living in Utah, has won numerous local and international awards for her photography depicting natural scenes. Her work has been exhibited in various venues across the country. She travels extensively throughout the western US states and occasionally around the world to find her subjects.

Her favorite subject matter is the natural world, and she is entranced by things such as a new flower unfurling, a baby animal frolicking in the field, or the awe-inspiring mountains and canyons of the American West. Her photographic interpretation involves an artistic element, not simply a documentation of the scene.

She hopes, through her work, to show how precious and fragile our natural resources are, and to bring to light the idea that nature is something we must protect and let flourish for generations to come. She feels it would be a great tragedy if future generations were unable to sit in a field of wildflowers, or watch a baby animal's curiosity in action. If a place is safe for baby animals to live, it will also be safe for baby humans to live.

Besides photography, she is also involved in writing, teaching, digital imaging and web site design.

See some sample images and more about her at www.Writer-Photographer.com

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