Tip of the Month The Story Behind the Picture
Techniques used to capture the image

Against the Odds
Zion National Park, UT
©Theresa A. Husarik / WildThingsPhoto.com

This image was captured using a wide angle lens and the concept of Hyperfocal Distance.

The time of day was mid morning, while the sun was still relatively low there was side-lighting. I used a 20mm lens with an FStop of f22, and switched to manual focus. I set the focus distance to 2.3 ft according to the chart. With the lens wide open like this, and the scene not very bright, I wasn't able to get a shutter speed (chosen by the camera's meter) that would allow hand-holding. So, the trusty tripod was used. I also used a warming filter to warm up the shadows.

The result is an image with both the foreground and background in focus.

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